Best seller
Infinity package

Super fast French Broadband

VDSL* at ADSL prices, speed up to 92 Mb/s

phonexpat infinity package

Best seller
Infinity package

34 .99/mth

You automatically benefit from VDSL if your line supports it

Included in the infinity package :

✔Super fast French VDLS or Adsl Broadband up to 92 mega/sec*
✔Calls included* to UK Landline 24/7 or other countries
✔Calls included* to French Landline 24/7
✔Make and receive calls for free anywhere in the world using your Smartphone
✔Save on your Line Rental 18€/mth
✔You keep the Same Phone Number
✔Free French line & number included
✔WiFi Modem  rent
✔Free English Technical support