About us

Phonexpat is a French Telecom company founded in 2001. Today, over 10 000 customers have already put their trust in us.

Internet Broadband

French ADSL Broadband internet from Phonexpat in English.
If you are looking for great quality French Internet from the French broadband experts then join Phonexpat.
We offer a fast, reliable connection, helpful English customer support.
Get the best for both ‘Quality of Connection’ and ‘Ease of use’.

Landline & Calls

You stop paying your line rental to France Telecom and you call for free.
Our international and french rates are cheaper than the standard rates.
We will take care of switching your phone service and you will get to keep your existing phone number.


You can literally pick up your phone when you go anywhere in the world, plug it into a router and be reachable on the same phone number and continue to make free calls.
It’s like being home abroad.